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Maggie's Journey

Throughout my lifetime I have endured a lot of abuse. I grew up knowing that I was different than my siblings, not knowing or understanding how, just knowing how I was. During my schooling I struggled a lot. I was bullied, picked on and harassed by other children in my special needs class. This is where my struggle with my self-esteem began.

I lost someone very dear to me in 1999 and their death had a huge impact on me. I just felt like I could not hold it together anymore. That was the year I attempted suicide several times but I was never successful.

I ended up in a woman’s shelter, anxiety, low self-esteem followed me. The woman’s shelter linked me to Cornerstone where I move into a one bedroom apartment. I moved in with limited life skills. I did not like myself at all. The apartment at Cornerstone came with supports. After a while, I began talking to staff and a student who was completing their placement there. Staff linked me to DMHS who then linked me to COPE a community support group to help me with my mental health.

Through the supports and counselling I received I realized that how I felt about myself was wrong. I realized that the abuse I endured did not define who I was. I realized that it was something that happened to me, but it was not me.

Along my journey I continued my faith in God. As my self-confidence grew, I realized that I had an anxiety disorder. I knew that I would not let this hold me back. I am hoping that by sharing my journey it will encourage others who are going through similar things, I am hoping people will see that there is hope!

“Our client stories are provided by our clients not to promote Cornerstone or themselves but are intended to be an encouragement and a source of hope to anyone struggling through difficult circumstances.”

Executive Director

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