Building Hope, Home and Community

for men, women, and families throughout Durham Region


While housing is a basic need, Cornerstone’s history of working with the homeless has shown that in order to be successful in housing, there also needs to be supports attached to the housing. Our tenants work with the support staff to develop a personalized support agreement, which is a reflection of their needs and dreams. This important support agreement is a living document and is driven by change and tenants’ needs.

Our support staff are a key component to the tenants’ success.

They provide non-judgemental support and are able to assist the tenant and provide them with external supports to ensure their success in housing. They provide supports in several areas including discharge planning with the hospital, case management meetings, facilitation of supports with other community agencies, support with doctor’s appointments, bedbug support, support with addiction, hygiene support, teaching tenants how to cook; or how to use a bank machine. The support provided is solely driven by the tenants needs.

At times the continuum can work the opposite way. Tenants may find they are residing at one of our locations or even out in the community and are unable to live independently any longer or require more support, or medical supports. When this occurs staff and tenants work together to ensure the tenant is safe. Staff will assist the tenant in transitioning to a medical facility or a nursing home where the care they need is able to be provided. 

If we do not provide a service ourselves we will find out who does. Cornerstone can make referrals to other services in the community to assist with mental health issues, addictions, education, financial concerns, employment, legal issues, medical needs, food banks, etc.

“Every tenant works with their support staff to develop a personalized support agreement which is a reflection of their needs and dreams and the steps required to reach these goals.”

Housing Manager

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