Households requiring temporary/emergency accommodation may be referred to the emergency shelter and support program for families.

Cornerstone partners with a variety of motels across the Durham Region to provide families facing homelessness with temporary accommodations.  Participants of the program then work one on one with a Community and Family Case Manager to reach their goals.  Some goals include; securing housing, income security, obtaining child care, food security, community referrals, medical needs, and any other supports the family may require.

Eligibility for this program includes:

  • single fathers with dependent children without a "dwelling place" and who cannot be accommodated by area hostel/shelter operators
  • couples with dependent children
  • two person households/couples who are living together and who cannot be separated due to health or other extenuating circumstances
  • single person household with extraordinary medical circumstances, whose confirmed medical condition would place the individual or other hostel residents at risk if referred to a shared living environment (i.e. confirmed contagious health condition)
  • families must be financially ineligible to afford alternative emergency accommodations
  • the eviction must be immediate (i.e. sheriff is coming the day they are accessing emergency accommodations)
  • the previous dwelling place was a Durham Region residence
  • all household members have legal status in Canada, have applied for legal status in Canada, or are refugee claimants
  • no member of the household is under a removal order to leave Canada
  • the total household assets are within the allowable limits
  • the total gross household income is within the allowable limits

To access the program during business hours call 905-438-0254, ext. 3440, and after business hours call 905-433-0254 ext. 2280