Permanent Rent-Geared-To-Income Supportive Housing

Our clients are eligible to transfer from the transitional program to more permanent rent-geared-to income self-contained apartments, based on seniority, the ability to live independently and choice. For these tenants, Cornerstone offers housing that is 100% rent-geared-to-income. Support services are solely driven by the tenant’s needs.  



  • 18 self-contained apartments on Simcoe Street. The apartments are located right above the shelter and the tenants have access to a full time support staff person and 24-hour support through our intake staff. 
  • For men and women, our 454 Bloor Street East location has twenty-four one bedroom apartments and four two bedroom apartments; our 440 location has 21 apartments. Tenants were involved in the development of this building, fulfilling a community response to homelessness in partnership with the YWCA and CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association). Some of the apartments are co-managed by the YMCA, CMHA and Cornerstone.
  • For very independent clients we also offer 18 other units in mixed rental buildings in Whitby and Oshawa which are awarded based on seniority and the ability to live independently with very little support.
  • 9 self-contained rooms with shared living space at our 178 Athol Street location. The tenets have access to a full time support staff person and 24-hour support through our intake staff.