Robert Brglez, Executive Director, 905-433-0254 x2240
Program Director, 905-433-0254 x2250
Denny Chan, Manager of Accounting and Administration, 905-433-0254 x2230
Autumn Pearce, Accounting and HR Assistant, 905-433-0254 x2290                          Safiya Shaikh, Administrative Assistant, 905-433-0254 x2410   


Shelter Program

Shelter Manager, 905-433-0254 x2330
Shelter Intake Desk  905-433-0254 x2280
Dianna Hendriks, Homelessness Resource Advocate, 905-433-0254 x2360


Community Outreach Program

Melissa Jack, Community Outreach Manager, 905-433-0254 x3430                            Meagan Gallacher, Community and Family Case Manager 905-433-0254 x3440   
Amy Barclay, Housing First Casemanager, 905-433-0254 x3420
Housing First Casemanager, 905-433-0254 x3460
Ashley Valade, Community Outreach Casemanager, 905-433-0254, x3410
Ava Thomas-Austin, Community Outreach Casemanager, 905-433-0254 x3450
Raymond Cameron, Street Outreach Case Manager, 905-433-0254 x3470
Elisa Goodwin, Street Outreach Case Manager, 905-433-0254 x3480


 Community Residential Facility Program

Heather Smythe, CRF Senior Caseworker, 905-433-0254 x2310
Rhiannon Dearman, CRF Caseworker, 905-433-0254 x2350


 Housing Program

Christine McGee, Housing Manager, 905-433-0254  x2260
Tosin Ologun, Itinerant Housing Casemanager, 905-433-0254 x2370
Melissa Jewell, Itinerant Housing Casemanager, 905-433-0254 x2320
Marsha Crosier, Housing Administrative Assistant, 905-433-0254 x2210


 Food Services 

Jason Moniz, Food Services Manager, 905-433-0254 x2340


If you are unsure of who to contact: 

  • call our main phone number 905-433-0254, or
  • email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.